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Glass and Mirror Cutting Services

Glass and Mirror Cutting Services

If you’re wondering where to cut glass to size, you’re in the right place. Window Gurus will be happy to help. Our experienced technicians cut custom glass parts for countertops, mirrors, showers, shelves, and more. We have several dozen offices across the country, and there’s sure to be one of our glass cutting experts near you.

Customized Solutions

Our glass experts can cut glass to size for any project you have in mind, and provide professional advice on glass installation or restoration. We work with all types of glass, offering glass repair, replacement, and custom glass cutting services at the best possible price.

If you have broken glass in your home, a Window Gurus professional near you will provide assistance. We work with the following types of products:

  • Patio doors
  • Windows
  • Glass countertops and shelves
  • Front door glass
  • Shower doors and bath partitions

If you find yourself with a broken glass window or door after hours, don’t worry. Window Gurus offers 24/7 repair services and will make sure no one is injured in your home and all glass is safely removed. At the same moment, we will cut a sheet of glass to restore your customized furniture.


Sometimes chipped, cracked, fogged or broken windows need to be replaced. Choose your type of glass: tempered glass, double pane, decorative glass, or anti-reflective glass that filters harmful UV rays. Our experts will cut it to size and replace the glass the same day.

Unique Style

Unique Style

Whether it’s shower doors, countertops, or hallways, we give you the opportunity to install your choice of unusual glass, including models in different shapes, colors, and thicknesses, among others:

Tinted glass: an option great for countertops, as it helps prevent UV damage to furniture under glass.

Frosted glass: suitable for maintaining an intimate atmosphere in the shower room. You can choose between several options with different patterns and colors.

Safety glass: we offer tempered glass, durable and very strong, it can withstand the stresses in places with frequent traffic.

Shape modification: rectangles and ovals – we offer to cut unique glass pieces for your space.

Custom sized glass: glass can be cut to less than ⅛ inch thick or up to ¾ inch thick.

Edge profiles: you need safe edges – we can produce flat, beveled or polished edges to match your design.

Window Gurus can handle any of these glass cutting services, ensuring that the final product will match your design.

Mirrors to fit

A mirror in any room will add functionality and beauty by increasing the light in your home. We can help customize mirrors to fit your style.

Window Gurus can replace damaged mirrors, ensuring the products are safe and durable to use. Our glass experts take accurate measurements, cut the glass and install flawlessly. Upgrade your existing mirrors for a more attractive home environment.

Unusual design

Custom-cut mirrors can be placed anywhere in your home, from bathroom walls to full-length mirrors inside cabinets, kitchen aprons or hallway wall mirrors.

Glass design is unlimited: custom mirrors will make your space more aesthetically pleasing and fill it with sunlight. You can make a custom carving of the following products:

  • Mirrors for bedroom
  • Mirrored walls
  • Suspended mirrors
  • Mirrored shelves
  • Abstract compositions
  • Floor to ceiling mirrors

Specialists will help you to choose the right cut of mirror for your home or office and provide advice.

Why Window Gurus?

Window gurus 5

Do you need to cut a mirror or glass? The experienced Window Gurus specialists will be happy to help you. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide customers with a high level of service. Why we.

  • Provide an estimate so you plan your budget.
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Quality work guaranteed

Window Gurus professionals can help you find solutions to fit your request and budget. From custom glass countertops to French window replacement, problem solving is one phone call away.

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