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How to Remove Scratches from Tempered Glass

Liquid soap pumice stone or steel wool

Tempered glass, while durable, can still be scratched. Fortunately, minor scratches can often be repaired without replacing the glass. Here are three proven methods to remove scratches from tempered glass:

  1. Toothpaste and a Soft Cloth
  2. Liquid Soap and Pumice Stone or Steel Wool
  3. Buffers or Sanders

Assessing the Damage

First, clean the glass thoroughly with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to get a clear view of the scratches. Run your fingernail over the scratch:

  • If your nail catches, the scratch is likely deep and may require professional help.
  • If it doesn’t catch, you can try the following home remedies.

Toothpaste and soft cloth

Apply some whitening toothpaste, which is soft-textured and not as abrasive as regular toothpaste, to a soft cloth. Polish the scratch in a circular motion. The fine particles in the toothpaste are enough to smooth out the indentation on the tempered glass.

Rub the glass for a few minutes, rinse off the paste residue with water to evaluate the effort and the effect achieved. If the scratch is still visible, but try repeating the procedure. Use another method if the scratch cannot be removed with the paste.

Liquid soap pumice stone or steel wool

Liquid soap pumice stone or steel wool

This hand roughness remover has powerful abrasive properties, which guarantees effective scratch removal from tempered glass. You can also try steel wool to smooth out the scratches. Carefully use a small piece of the material to avoid making new scratches on the glass. The steel wool should be new, with no

no signs of rust. Otherwise, there is a high risk of scratching the glass when trying to polish it. The movements during polishing should be circular and smooth. Repeat them for several minutes. Then rinse the glass from the dust formed, evaluate the result of the work. If even this method did not work, and the scratch still remains, then connect a power tool to solve the problem.


If the first two methods did not help, then it’s time to buy a special polish and try to remove a deep scratch with a grinder. Pay attention to the composition of the means: it should contain cerium oxide and jewelry blush.

First apply a small amount of polish on the buffer, which is put on the grinder. Also for this purpose, a polishing wheel fixed on a cordless drill will work. Using a power tool, polish the scratched glass, constantly moistening the area with a trickle of water. This prevents the compound from drying prematurely and eliminates the formation of new scratches. After 3-5 minutes stop the grinder, clean the glass with a sponge and dry the surface. Evaluate the result. If marks are visible, continue polishing until you are satisfied.

Professional help

If your independent attempts to remove scratches from tempered glass have not been successful, then a Window Gurus specialist is ready to help. He will help to eliminate the defect with the help of professional equipment and compositions. If the scratch is very deep, you may even need to replace the glass. In this case, our company will also help. It is possible to make glass according to individual parameters.

To learn more about the service of glass replacement or repair and rates, call the contact phone number listed on the site or fill out the feedback form.

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