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What is Window Gurus specialized in?
Window Gurus specializes in historical window restoration, glass replacement, hardware repair, rotten windows repair, and more. Our experienced team can handle both residential and commercial applications, offering a wide range of services to ensure your windows are in the best condition.
How long has Window Gurus been providing window repair services?
Window Gurus has been providing exceptional window repair and restoration services for over 6 years. With this experience, we bring expertise and knowledge to every project, ensuring high-quality results.
Can Window Gurus repair or replace any type of glass?
Yes, Window Gurus has the capability to repair, replace, and renovate any glass in your home, including insulated double pane, single pane, low-E glass, tempered/annealed glass, and more. We can handle any shape and size of glass for various applications.
Why is it important to maintain and repair windows in a home?
Maintaining and repairing windows is crucial as they protect your home from harsh weather, theft, and can offer privacy. Additionally, well-maintained windows increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and contribute to energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run.
What kind of window repairs does Window Gurus offer?
Window Gurus offers a comprehensive list of window repair services, including rotten windows repair, rotted frame repair, window frame/sash/sill/trim/moulding repair, patio door repair, wooden windows repair, and various hardware repairs and replacements.
How can I contact Window Gurus for service?
You can reach Window Gurus by calling 614-683-9800 or by emailing windowrepair@window-gurus.com. Our office is located at 4730 Kenny Rd., Columbus OH 43220, where you can also visit us for consultations.
Are Window Gurus' prices competitive?
Yes, Window Gurus offers affordable and competitive prices for all our services. We believe in providing exceptional service without compromising on quality, ensuring our customers receive the best value.
Does Window Gurus only work on residential properties?
No, Window Gurus provides services for both residential and commercial applications. Our skilled specialists are equipped to handle the unique challenges presented by any type of property.
I am interested in working with Window Gurus. How can I apply?
To apply for a job with Window Gurus, please contact us at windowrepair@window-gurus.com. We are always looking for qualified and skilled specialists to join our team.
How does Window Gurus contribute to making windows more energy efficient?
Window Gurus contributes to making windows more energy efficient by repairing and replacing windows with advanced glass options like low-E glass and insulated double pane glass. These improvements can significantly reduce energy costs by maintaining a stable interior temperature and reducing the need for heating and cooling.

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